Dim, Cloudy Headlight (Restoration) Laws? Why not?

As you already know, there are way too many vehicles out there that need headlight restoration service. Seems like over half the vehicles on the road have some sort of cloudiness on the headlight lens. Truth is, most people are simply too busy to care about the condition of their headlamps. It is just one more expense that they feel they “don’t” need. The phone at most auto detail shops should be ringing off the hook for this service, but it seems that it is just not important enough to most consumers. How can this change? Through government regulation that’s how! I know, we already have plenty of laws and fines etc., but the truth is, most of the vehicles on the road simply do not put out enough light to safely see the road at night. This is a big deal!

The headlight restoration business is just waiting to explode, but until there are better ways to communicate the important need for this service, it will just continue to be a secondary type of auto service. This is not right. People change their oil, fix their wipers, but seem to ignore their headlights. Why is this? From my experience, it seems that because a faded headlamp lens seems to “creep up” on most drivers, they simply ignore it thinking everything is normal.  Or they may know something is wrong, but figure they might be getting a new car soon anyway and simply ignore it some more. I am tired of cloudy headlights being ignored!  For now, faded, cloudy headlights will continue to be ignored by the majority of drivers out there and if you think you are gonna get rich restoring headlights, you got another thing coming!

Face it, there are way too many ugly headlights out there. From my perspective as an expert auto detailer, headlight restoration will continue to be just an option, for example, an extra service added to a full detail, or maybe the headlights get restored only because the owner is selling the vehicle. It just seems that it is simply not a priority to most people. I hope someday headlight restoration service becomes “priority one”, a booming business, but for now, we can only just hope.

Headlight Restoration Pros (HeadlightRestoration.biz) is currently in the process of forming an actual “watchdog” agency that will actually try to inform governments on the state and local levels the importance of having properly working headlamps on all vehicles. This will be a tough sell, but once we (all headlight restoration service providers) can band together and generate some momentum, perhaps it will be an easier task. Can you imagine if headlight restoration (clear headlights) was simply required? Simply put: If your headlights don’t shine bright enough, you don’t get your tags. The headlight restoration business would be booming and probably bigger than smog! Imagine that just for a moment.

After all, this is always going to be a  safety issue. Why should some overpaid senator or a lousy two bit city hall type ignore a major safety issue.  Enough is enough! Just think if we all could somehow join together and make the simple argument that this is a safety issue that needs to be addressed- once and for all!  This only makes sense! It just needs to brought to the attention of vehicle safety (DMV)  lawmakers throughout the US. If you would like to help us make the argument for cloudy headlight safety etc. Please join HRP and if you own or operate a headlight restoration service, please add your business to our directory. Everyone is welcome to comment on this subject: Please feel free to  add your input to this blog, we always welcome any comments and suggestions on this topic…

Thank you.

Anthony Madafferari,

Founder- Headlight Restoration Pros


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