HeadlightRestoration.biz gets high marks from Website Grader

Recent results from testing by Website.Grader.com show that the headlight restoration shop directory site: HeadlightRestoration.biz gets high marks for its ease of use, page loading speed, and overall ability and responsive design. In other words, the site works great on mobile devices. This is important as ever because as more and more people are using mobile devices (primarily smart phones) for doing business o the web. Here is a snapshot of the recent testing:

Headlight Restoration Pros Shop Directory
Visit HeadlightRestoration.biz to find professional headlight restoration service.


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Now that’s a good looking viewport.
The viewport lets you control your page width and scale on different device types.



Headlight Restoration Pros has taken a leadership role by providing the first of its kind directory that is exclusively for finding professional headlight restoration service by simply doing a search from the homepage. Listings offer many features including Google Maps and a discount program. Listings are only $49.95 for the entire year. The owner of HeadlightRestoration.biz  Anthony Madafferri hosts the directory and says he is getting a lot of new shops to add their headlight service to the directory site. “Its the future” he says, “This is what searching the web is all about. Without directory sites, there would be a lot less businesses found. Search engines look up to directory sites for their organized content and chronological information.” To put it another way, it is all about getting your listing indexed by the major search engines. After that, the traffic will come. A key component to HRP’S directory is the Google Maps feature, this really makes it all happen! After your business address is added, your business location is basically documented with Google, making it easier for your company (and location) to be found. In addition, the distance and directions feature is also included.



HeadlightRestoration.biz directory site introduces restoration discount program

Find professional headlight restoration service at: HeadlightRestoration.biz
A happy HeadlightRestoration.biz visitor locates professional headlight restoration service in the directory.

We are happy to introduce you to a great new way to save money on professional headlight restoration service. Now there are no more excuses not to address those pesky faded headlamps. Headlight Restoration Pros runs the directory site: HeadlightRestoration.biz and features professional headlight restoration shops that agree to offer a 20% discount by partnering with the directory. Here is how the discount program works:

You simply have to click on the listing that offers the discount in the Headlight Restoration Pros Shop Directory. (HeadlightRestoration.biz) to save money on headlight restoration service. In addition to the 20% discount on restoring the headlamps, there is also a free headlight lens inspection included in the printable coupon.

Simply enter your location in the search bar on the home page, then simply look for the HRP logo in the upper right hand corner of the listings displayed in the search results. If you see the HRP logo displayed, just click on the HRP logo above the listing to print the coupon for your free headlight lens inspection and 20% discount off the standard rate or quote.*

Discounted Headlamp Service with Free Headlamp Inspection
A great new way to promote vehicle safety: The Headlight Restoration Pros Discount Program.

Driving at night is a whole different world than driving in the daytime. Having properly working headlamps assures that you can clearly see whats immediately coming your way including animals, pedestrians, jaywalkers, stranded motorists, tree branches, etc.

There are other reasons why maintaining your vehicle’s headlights benefits you and your passengers. For example, other drivers will see you coming much sooner if your headlamps are working properly.

In addition to the many safety reasons, your vehicle resell value will also be higher if you maintain the plastic headlamp lens. Using a professional headlight restoration service can really make a difference in your vehicle’s appearance!

We are glad we can help you restore your dim, cloudy, (ugly) looking headlights to a like new condition. Plus you and your loved ones will all be safer!

Please check your headlights to see if your vehicle may need headlight lens restoration service. Also, please check your family and friends vehicle’s headlights as well. The headlight service directory is exclusively for people that need headlight restoration service. The founder of the new discount program, Mr. Anthony, says “It’s about time there is a program like this to come along and help the many drivers out there that need headlight restoration.” He was also quoted saying “Please tell others about this headlight restoration discount program- and Thank you!”

*Each shop is independently owned and operated. Some restrictions may apply. Look for the HRP seal above listing to print coupon. It is best to confirm with the shop ahead of time that you wish to use the HRP Discount program.