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Introducing: They make it easy for you to find all kinds of headlight restoration products and materials such as do it yourself kits, professional headlight restoration systems, tools, sanding discs, plastic polishes, buffing compounds, clear coats and more! If you restore headlights for profit, or you just want to do learn how, we can help you. was founded by Headlight Restoration Pros in San Diego, California. HRP also operates: and Our family of headlight restoration websites are all designed to to help people become aware of the safety issues of driving at night with dim, cloudy, poor performing headlamps. Did you know that over half the vehicles on the road need headlight restoration? Primarily due to U.V. exposure, the poly carbonate plastic lens simply ages over time as it is constantly exposed to harsh sunlight and other elements. Restoring a plastic headlight lens that has become faded and compromised is easier than ever, thanks to the many great products, kits, and professional services offered.

After restoring countless cloudy headlights here in sunny San Diego, I decided to make it easy for everyone to get their headlights restored. Through our family of websites, we offer products, services and even training. If you just need an professional headlight restoration service, lists the top headlight restoration shops throughout the United States. Enjoy checking out all the products and materials available on this site and please visit our other headlight restoration websites…

Can you really make your dim, cloudy headlights shine like new?

Most headlights are made of poly carbonate plastic, which is very durable and scratch-resistant. But over time poly carbonate clouds over, mostly due to UV rays that degrade the outer layer of plastic. Unfortunately, almost all of the products on the market designed to help you restore your car’s headlamps are not used properly. In other words, people can actually make there headlights look worse! It is not that easy for the average Joe to simply fix their faded headlights in 20 minutes. After all, we are talking years of UV exposure that really does a number to the headlight lens. So here is a suggestion on how to fix your vehicle’s night time vision once and for all:

Most cars and a lot of trucks today are manufactured with headlamp assemblies that use quartz-halogen bulbs plugged into the back of a large plastic reflector. The outer surface of these headlamp modules is molded poly carbonate plastic. That plastic is much lighter than glass and far more resistant to stone chips and cracks. However, after a few years of exposure to sunlight and atmospheric chemicals, poly carbonate has a tendency to get hazy. Severely neglected lenses can actually pit and develop a network of fine cracks, called craze, which makes the job of fixing them even tougher. Sure, these assemblies are somewhat easy to replace, but they can also be very expensive. A pair of lenses for a luxury car can cost as much as a thousand dollars. Wow!

Fortunately, there’s a simple and inexpensive solution. The poly carbonate plastic can be sanded and polished back to a surface as smooth as new, and in most cases, a protective clear coat is also applied so it lasts. Usually, this procedure won’t take much more than an hour. We absolutely recommend: to help you find a professional headlight restoration service in your area. The cost is usually much less that a hundred dollars and no more hassles for you! See the road again! Be a safe driver. Think about your family and friends…

What can a professional headlight restoration service do for you?

Do you drive at night?
See the road better at night with professional headlight restoration service…

Are your car’s headlights looking yellow and clouded? If so, it may be time for a headlight restoration service. This is a simple and affordable auto service that can help improve the look and value of your car, plus improve your safety while behind the wheel. We recommend: to help you locate a professional  headlight restoration service provider.

  • Getting a headlight restoration is much cheaper than replacing your headlights. New headlights can be hundreds of dollars. This is why you might want to save money by finding a professional headlight restoration service center. Visit to locate a certified professional shop in your area.
  • Discolored and scratched headlights can bring down the look of the rest of your car. With a simple headlight restoration, you can help bring your car’s image back to its former glory without spending a ton of money!
  • Did you know that dim, foggy headlights can also be dangerous? This is because it can bring down the clarity of your headlights, which makes driving at night much more hazardous! Restoring your headlights like new can help let the light shine through, so you can see the road properly at night!

Dim, Cloudy Headlight (Restoration) Laws? Why not?

As you already know, there are way too many vehicles out there that need headlight restoration service. Seems like over half the vehicles on the road have some sort of cloudiness on the headlight lens. Truth is, most people are simply too busy to care about the condition of their headlamps. It is just one more expense that they feel they “don’t” need. The phone at most auto detail shops should be ringing off the hook for this service, but it seems that it is just not important enough to most consumers. How can this change? Through government regulation that’s how! I know, we already have plenty of laws and fines etc., but the truth is, most of the vehicles on the road simply do not put out enough light to safely see the road at night. This is a big deal!

The headlight restoration business is just waiting to explode, but until there are better ways to communicate the important need for this service, it will just continue to be a secondary type of auto service. This is not right. People change their oil, fix their wipers, but seem to ignore their headlights. Why is this? From my experience, it seems that because a faded headlamp lens seems to “creep up” on most drivers, they simply ignore it thinking everything is normal.  Or they may know something is wrong, but figure they might be getting a new car soon anyway and simply ignore it some more. I am tired of cloudy headlights being ignored!  For now, faded, cloudy headlights will continue to be ignored by the majority of drivers out there and if you think you are gonna get rich restoring headlights, you got another thing coming!

Face it, there are way too many ugly headlights out there. From my perspective as an expert auto detailer, headlight restoration will continue to be just an option, for example, an extra service added to a full detail, or maybe the headlights get restored only because the owner is selling the vehicle. It just seems that it is simply not a priority to most people. I hope someday headlight restoration service becomes “priority one”, a booming business, but for now, we can only just hope.

Headlight Restoration Pros ( is currently in the process of forming an actual “watchdog” agency that will actually try to inform governments on the state and local levels the importance of having properly working headlamps on all vehicles. This will be a tough sell, but once we (all headlight restoration service providers) can band together and generate some momentum, perhaps it will be an easier task. Can you imagine if headlight restoration (clear headlights) was simply required? Simply put: If your headlights don’t shine bright enough, you don’t get your tags. The headlight restoration business would be booming and probably bigger than smog! Imagine that just for a moment.

After all, this is always going to be a  safety issue. Why should some overpaid senator or a lousy two bit city hall type ignore a major safety issue.  Enough is enough! Just think if we all could somehow join together and make the simple argument that this is a safety issue that needs to be addressed- once and for all!  This only makes sense! It just needs to brought to the attention of vehicle safety (DMV)  lawmakers throughout the US. If you would like to help us make the argument for cloudy headlight safety etc. Please join HRP and if you own or operate a headlight restoration service, please add your business to our directory. Everyone is welcome to comment on this subject: Please feel free to  add your input to this blog, we always welcome any comments and suggestions on this topic…

Thank you.

Anthony Madafferari,

Founder- Headlight Restoration Pros


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The true definition of headlight restoration service.

Headlight restoration or plastic headlight restoration is the act of refinishing aged headlight lenses that have become discolored or dull due to oxidation primarily due to UV light and other environmental factors such as road debris impact (stones, sand, etc.) rain, and exposure to caustic chemicals. Over time the protective plastic hard coat breaks down with UV degradation and wear from abrasion, etc. If left untreated the headlights will eventually develop small surface cracks, a condition referred to as crazing. The effectiveness of the headlight in terms of light output measured by LUX can be significantly reduced. This condition which results in hazy and dis-colored lenses is known for causing reduced night time visibility for travelers as the condition becomes worse. It is possible for cloudy and hazy headlights to be restored to a like-new condition and represents typically a far more economical alternative than replacing the lens.

Professional headlight restoration service is available!
We recommend that you have your vehicle’s headlights professionally restored. The kits that you can purchase at Walmart and other stores simply do not do as great of job as an headlight restoration expert!
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All shops listed in the directory are independently owned and operated. Most shops listed provide a standard warranty. Please have your headlights restored soon! Do not drive with poor working headlamps!.